West of Downtown

Final update September 1, 2021

Westerwood, Sunset Hills, Lindley Park, Starmount Forest and Hamilton Lakes form a string of 1920s and ’30s neighborhoods stretching west from downtown along Market Street and Friendly Avenue.

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Recent Sales

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3303 Kettering Place
listing withdrawn August 22, 2019; relisted November 14, 2019
contract pending April 29 to May 7, 2021
contract pending August 22, 2021

  • $925,000 (originally listed at $1.175 million)
  • 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, 6,277 square feet, 0.79 acre
  • Price/square foot: $147
  • Built in 1985
  • Listed March 20, 2019
  • Last sale: $1,054,000, January 2007
  • Neighborhood: Hamilton Lakes
  • Listing: Built by Bea Melton, who built a number of Mid-Century Modern homes in the Triad.

2314 Sylvan Road

  • $749,900
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,815 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $413
  • Built in 1928
  • Listed August 25, 2021
  • Last sale: $171,000, April 2018
  • Neighborhood: Sunset Hills
  • Note: The price is extraordinarily high for Sunset Hills. The highest price sale on a per-square-foot basis for a Sunset Hills home this year has been $255. Only two historic homes we’ve followed in the Triad this year have been sold at a higher price per square foot (both were in Irving Park).
    • The listing agent appears to be based in Southern California and offers cut-rate service for sellers in 15 states.

1802 W. Market Street
The Leila and Leonard Sykes House

  • $569,000 (originally $599,000)
  • 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,248 square feet, 0.39 acre
  • Price/square foot: $175
  • Built in 1950
  • Listed April 26, 2021
  • Last sale: $184,000, August 2014
  • Neighborhood: Sunset Hills
  • Note: The property includes an in-ground swimming pool and a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor.
    • District NRHP nomination: “The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled, brick, Period Cottage features an off-center, front-facing gable and a brick façade chimney with a sloped set off and a stepped shoulder, both on the east side. An arched-head, vertical wood door with a replacement glazing is framed in a painted stone arch just to the west of the chimney. All windows are original metal casements.
    • “A one-story, side-gabled wing attaches to the east elevation. A metal awning obscures its façade. On the west elevation, a sliding glass door of two large panels fronts a small hyphen topped by a wood balustrade. The hyphen, which is sheathed in synthetic siding, connects the house to a one-story, one-bay, front-gabled, brick garage that has been altered with the installation of French doors with sidelights on its façade. An octagonal vent pierces the upper façade.
    • An iron fence with an iron trellis extends in front of the house. GIS aerial photographs indicate that there is a garage behind the house, but it is not visible from the right of way.
    • “The Sykes bought the property in 1946 and first appear at this address in the 1951-1952-city directory. He owned Sykes Shoe Shop and Shine Parlor. The family sold the house in 1958.”

1800 Madison Avenue
The Hedrick-Stansbury House
contract pending August 25, 2021

  • $449,900
  • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,648 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $170
  • Built in 1930
  • Listed August 18, 2021
  • Last sale: $310,000, September 2012
  • Neighborhood: Sunset Hills
  • Note: Although it was built during the period of significance for the historic district (1925-1965), the house is considered a “non-contributing” structure. At some point, a poorly designed second-story addition was tacked onto the back of the otherwise one-story house. The addition’s exterior is well concealed in the listing’s photos; above, you can see a gable peeking out over the roof to the left of the chimney. Here’s a look at the left side of the house from the street:
  • District NRHP nomination: “The one-story, three-bay, hip- and cross-gabled, brick bungalow displays a full-width, recessed porch topped at its west end by a front-facing, wood shingled gable with exposed purlins; an identical side gable faces east. Battered paneled wood posts resting on brick piers that are linked by a solid brick balustrade support the porch as it shelters a divided-light door. Windows are six-over-one and an interior corbeled brick chimney rises from the dwelling’s center.
    • “A sunporch illuminated by eight-light, possibly casement, windows and a divided-light door occupies the east elevation. An original, one-story, hip- roofed ell extends to the rear.
    • “An unsympathetic, synthetic-sided, cross-gabled addition has been built on top of the west side of the house and just behind the chimney. Photographs from the 1990 suggest that this addition replaced an earlier shed-roofed shingled addition.
    • “This dwelling housed two families for at least the first twenty years after it was constructed. The earliest occupants were Hilda and F.E. Stansbury, who was a manager at Huntley Stockton Hill Company and Carrie and Eccles E. Hedrick, who was vice president Gate City Motor Company.”

219 S. Tremont Drive
The Grace and James R. Hendrix House
contract pending August 19, 2021

  • $419,000 (originally $429,000)
  • 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,001 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $209
  • Built in 1929
  • Listed July 9, 2021
  • Last sale: $280,000, January 2007
  • Neighborhood: Sunset Hills
  • District NRHP nomination: “The one-and-a-half-story, three-bay, side-gabled,brick Craftsman bungalow displays an off-center front gable. Purlins and exposed rafter tails grace the roof and front-gabled dormer. Windows are nine-over-one with framing soldier-course lintels and header-course sills.
  • “Before 1990, the front porch was enclosed and fitted with eighteen-light fixed windows. The entrance was moved forward and now contains a slightly-recessed, paneled wood,double-leaf door.
  • “Concrete steps flanked by low brick wall stopped with concrete lead to the door. A brick chimney occupies the south gable end, forward of the roof ridge.
  • “The Hendrixes bought the property in April 1929 and first appear at this address in the 1930 city directory. James Hendrix was a post office clerk. The Hendrix family owned the house until 1975.”

308 Woodbine Court
The Lalah and Clarence E. Pierce House
listing withdrawn August 31, 2021

  • $385,000 (originally $515,000)
  • 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,339 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $165
  • Built in 1925
  • Listed May 21, 2021
  • Last sale $54,000, June 1978
  • Neighborhood: Sunset Hills
  • District NRHP nomination: “The one-story, three-bay, side-gabled with returns, weatherboard Period Cottage features a front-facing gable with returns and a brick façade chimney with paved shoulders and corbelling. A one-story, hip-roofed,screen porch supported by classically-inspired posts and topped by a half-circle, louvered wood vent occupies the north half of the façade.
    • “A bungalow-style wood and multi-light door with modillion blocks is on the north side of the front wing and sheltered by the screened porch. Some of the six-over-one windows are replacements. A hip-roofed sun porch with four-over-one windows is on the rear (east) of the north elevation. The interior remains intact.
    • The Pierces bought the property in September 1925 and first appear in the city directory in 1927. Pierce was a traveling salesman. They sold the house in 1955.”

603 Northridge Street
contract pending August 27, 2021

  • $315,000
  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 1,222 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $258
  • Built in 1929
  • Listed August 24, 2021
  • Last sale: $194,000, March 2019
  • Neighborhood: Lindley Park

1618 Walker Avenue
The Clegg-Rierson House

  • $315,000 (originally $325,000)
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,559 square feet, acre
  • Price/square foot: $202
  • Built in 1932
  • Listed August 6, 2021
  • Last sale: $170,000, January 2002
  • Neighborhood: College Park
  • Note: Rental property
    • Listing: “The Walk-Out Basement has Maximum Ceiling Height of 6.7 feet and is not counted in finished square footage. The Basement has two additional Bedrooms, Bath, Den, Flex Room and Laundry which are not counted in square footage has a footprint of 1093 sq ft.”
    • Although county records date the house to 1932, it was built by 1928, when the address first appeared in the city directory. It was built by C. Bynum Clegg, who owned a building materials company. He rented the house out until losing it to foreclosure in 1931.
    • William Frank Rierson Sr. bought the house in 1945. He and his wife, Ruth Stout Rierson, owned it and lived there until 2000. He owned two grocery stores, one on Asheboro Street and, later, one on Pinecroft Road. After he died in 1996, Ruth owned the house until 2000.
    • The house is less than a block from UNCG. Nearly all the homes within a one-block radius are student rentals.

701 Northridge Street

  • $269,900 (originally $279,900)
  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,410 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $191
  • Built in 1928
  • Listed June 25, 2021
  • Last sale: $185,000, October 2007
  • Neighborhood: Lindley Park
  • Note: The first owners of the house were Richard Benjamin Boren Jr. (1898-1961) and Nell Mabel Reich Boren (1900-1993). They rented the house out while living on Winston-Salem Road, which ran from the Masonic Home on Spring Garden to the Greensboro-High Point Airport (apparently encompassing what is now Holden Road from Spring Garden to United Street, United Street and West Market Street from United Street west). In 1931, they sold the house to Richard’s widowed mother, Ida, and then bought it back from her in 1940. They sold it for a final time in 1946.
    • Richard Jr. was a foreman, most likely at one of the companies operated by William C. Boren Sr., which included Carolina Steel & Iron Company, Pomona Terra Cotta Company and the West End Mercantile Company. Richard Sr., possibly William’s brother, was superintendent at Pomona Terra Cotta, and at least five other Borens were employed at the various companies.

710 Guilford Avenue
The Vernon-McCuiston House
contract pending August 13, 2021

  • $239,900
  • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1,340 square feet
  • Price/square foot: $179
  • Built in 1947
  • Listed August 10, 2021
  • Last sale: $215,000, December 2019
  • Neighborhood: Westerwood
  • Note: The original owners were William A. Vernon, an agent for Atlantic Life Insurance, and his wife, Genevieve. They sold the house in 1949 to Robert Ellis McCuiston (1903-1984), a salesman with Vanstory Clothing. His wife, Cynthia Kathryn Williams McCuiston (1901-1991), inherited the house on his death. Her heirs sold it in 1991.