Westerwood and West Market Terrace

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The Westerwood and West Market Terrace neighborhoods are just west of downtown. Westerwood is roughly bounded by East Lake Drive and Battleground Avenue to the north, West Market Street to the south, Hillside Drive to the east, and East Lake Drive to the west. West Market Terrace shares its eastern boundary (East Lake Drive) with Westerwood. The neighborhood is bounded to the north by Benjamin Parkway, the west by Westover Terrace and to the south by West Market Street.


Preservation Greensboro: The Secrets of Westerwood

The 1920s and 1930s were the boom decades for Westerwood and West Market Terrace. Their proximity to downtown made the location desirable for middle-class housing. The development of these neighborhoods is credited to the local developer Arthur K. Moore, who platted Westerwood 1919. Construction followed immediately thereafter. In 1923, Moore’s realty company expanded Westerwood to the west and began building in West Market Terrace, which had been platted in 1914 but remained unbuilt. City Directories for the period list a variety of middle class occupants such as salesmen, stenographers, clerks and small business owners.

General Description

Westerwood Neighborhood Association

The Westerwood and West Market Terrace neighborhoods are typical of middle class residential neighborhoods developed in the 1920s and 1930s. The streets are laid out in a combination of grid and curving streets. Visual patterns are created by the uniform lot sizes and building setbacks. Sidewalks are separated from the street by planting medians with granite curbs. Mature trees are found throughout the neighborhood. Several Queen Anne-influenced properties that predate the neighborhoods’ platting survive on Adams Street and Guilford Avenue.

— City of Greensboro, Historic Architecture Survey Update, Phase 1-A, September 2007